Protest at 1st Ordinary Meeting of Kilkenny County Council

23rd June 2014

This was the first ordinary meeting of the new council.  After the local election results in May, hopes were high that a proper discussion/review on the pros and cons of the Central Access Scheme could be undertaken by the newly elected Council.  A vocal crowd of about 100 people gathered outside the County Council building, calling for a review. Before the meeting started much of the crowd filed into the council chambers but were subsequently told that under standing orders, only 20 observers would be allowed to remain. The others then filed back outside. Cllrs Noonan and Funchion were ready to table a motion but the motion was never heard and after the meeting  the bombshell was dropped – the contract for the 1st phase of the scheme had already been signed.

This sombre video by videographer Darragh Byrne captures the feelings of the ordinary citizens outside the council that day. The actions of the council only served to galvanise the resolve of the people.



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