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Local Elections 2014 : Anti-Cas candidates do well

23rd May 2014

This was the first local election after the  City (Borough) Council was abolished.  Some councillors, such as Cllr. Joe Malone, said that the Central Access Scheme was a big issue in the Kilkenny City West Area, while he was on the hustings. Conversely, former councillor Seán Ó hÁrgáin  said it was not. Whether or which, the results in both City election areas (Kilkenny City East and Kilkenny City West)  were very good for those candidates who spoke out against the scheme just prior to the election. And several pro-CAS former councillors such as Martin Brett, Billy Ireland, Seán Ó hÁrgáin, John Coonan lost their seats on the council.

In Kilkenny City West the councillors who spoke out against the scheme were:

Cllrs Joe Malone (FF), Patrick McKee (FF), Malcolm Noonan (Green), Kathleen Funchion (SF).

In Kilkenny City East those who spoke out against were:

Cllrs Andrew McGuiness (FF), Breda Gardner (Ind), David Kennedy (SF).

Unfortunately by the end of August some councillors, such as Cllr. Patrick Mckee, have since said they were for the bridge scheme.

Click here for election results

2nd “Complete the Ring Road” March

22nd March 2014

Despite inclement weather, an estimated crowd of 450 people took part in this march – following  the same route as September’s march, from the Peace Park, through Irishtown, up High Street and finishing on the Parade. Speakers this time included Archaelogical expert Cóilín O’ Drisceoil who outlined why he was against the scheme and why the Vicar Street houses should be retained.